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Curb Your Commute!

Construction on Hwy 101 between Milpas Street and Hot Springs Road is coming this summer. Register here to be eligible for future Curb Your Commute promotions.

Commuter Matching Services: Instantly find potential carpools, vanpools and commuter bus services that match your commute.

School Pool:
Instantly find other parents to share carpool responsibilities for getting your child to and from school each day.

Emergency Ride Home (ERH): If you carpool, vanpool, take transit, bike or walk to work, don't worry about getting back home if you have an emergency. Just rent a car and Traffic Solutions will reimburse you up to $55.

Commuter Benefits: Many employers offer employees commuter benefits (transit discounts, cash incentives for ridesharing, telecommuting and more). Register for Traffic Solutions Online and have access to employer and county-wide benefits.

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